Airport Advertising

Digital Advertisement replaces the traditional marketing tools and materials, thereby enhancing the quality of communication. Our Digital advertising screens are your marketing tools through which you can use to communicate about your brand and products.

Why Digital Outdoor Advertising?

Unmatched reach and frequency:

A minimum of ten hours per day, through morning and evening rush hour, every six seconds, an average of 86 times per hour, over 850 times per day we are displaying your message directly to thousands of your customers city-wide, With our digital screens, your advertising simply won’t take no for an answer.

The biggest bang for your advertising buck:

It is unavoidable, unforgettable, and cost effective too, it’s the truth … Our digital screens will enable you to reach over 1000 of your customers, which is 100% effective as compared to other advertising mediums – the ultimate measure of overall effectiveness.

Captive audience – a marketer’s dream:

Engage your audience with your advertising and they will become customers. With our digital screens, your advertising cannot be turned out, ignored, skipped, crumpled or thrown in the trash.

Prime Media Network was awarded a contract of Selling and Marketing Advertising space at Entebbe International Airport in May 2014. An Exclusive Marketing Agency Agreement was signed on 9th May 2014 and assumed responsibilities of managing advertising space at the Airport. All Airport advertising requirements are being handled by us effective 1st May 2014.

Interested advertisers are invited to make use of the unique digital media and space opportunities to maximize their exposure to all the airport arrival and departures traffic