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Mall Ads - Saloons
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Why Mall Advertising

Mall Advertising3 -Prime Media

Reach Millions who are ready to buy

Mall Media advertising is a great way to reach consumers in a purchasing state of mind. Kiosks with advertising panels, are then placed in high traffic areas such as; entrances, escalators, food stores so as to ensure maximum brand awareness which is a perfect to impact consumers as they are about to make their final purchasing decision.

Our Shopping Mall sites have dynamic and exciting destinations, drawing people to dine, shop and socialize. Each day, mall advertising campaigns reach communities of shoppers as they seek fashion  trends and entertainment at their favorite mall.

Malls offer an affordable and efficient opportunity for national, regional, and local advertisers to reach their targeted audiences through indoor mall poster adverts, billboards and kiosks, plus outdoor mall advertising locations.

Some facts mall shoppers:

  • 94% of the adults visit malls monthly
  • On average, shoppers spend more than 400,000 /= per month
  • 80% of the mall shoppers make at least one purchase
  • Average time spent per mall visit: 45 Minutes.
  • TEENS! Teens make 40% more trips to malls than other shoppers with 52% each year

Available Mall opportunities

  • Freedom City Shopping Mall
  • Metroplex Shopping Mall
  • Forest Mall
  • Garden City Mall
  • Oasis Mall
  • Acacia Mall
  • Village Mall