Also referred to as digital out of home advertising, this is Prime Media’s new concept of advertising, the latest global concept in the indoor / outdoor advertising industry.


Meet your outdoor marketing expectations by taking advantage of Prime Media’s outdoor advertising network.


Prime Media reaches millions of Ugandans every day while they travel along streets, through advertising space on street furniture both within and out of Kampala.


Malls offer an affordable and efficient media opportunity for you to reach targeted audiences through indoor mall poster adverts, billboards and kiosks

PR and Media Consultancy

Marketing and Brand Management division, is managed by an enthusiastic, creative, and results-oriented team that takes great pride In excellent Customer Care, Client relationship Management and at the same time carrying out consistent Market research to introduce innovative concepts and ideas in the entire advertising industry.

We provide special expertise in developing media and public relations strategies that support the bottom line objective of our Clients. We integrate pro-active corporate affairs management with the establishment of a solid brand identity to cater for the needs of our Clients and their stakeholders.


Why We're Different

Advertising Delivered.

Your customers are not looking for your advertising. This is where we come in. It is our job to ensure that your advertising finds your customers, and we take this job very seriously!


Our colorful eye-catching advertising screens are impossible to miss, and your brilliantly illuminated, memorable advertisements will turn heads and command attention everywhere we go.

Anything But Stationary.

Just like your customers, we are always on the move. Don’t get caught standing still. Digital is the new media. We’re right where your customers are!


The biggest bang for your advertising buck… that is our commitment to you.
Unparalleled Results. Whether the measure is recall rates, reach, frequency, exposure, retention or level of engagement. Prime Media guarantees results.