New Form of Communication Platform

This concept involves tine use of dynamic digital technology to send messages and images to specific target market segments electronically.

Our Digital Media Services, powered by LCD& LED screens, have revolutionized the digital information industry by allowing the central and rapid update of content and its immediate delivery to specific audiences at selected locations.

In Kampala, several digital displays are already in use in frequented locations, with plans underway to increase the number of locations.

The content is displayed and presented in attractive designs and animations that are attractive to your target customers at business premises with daily sizable traffic. Their purpose is to:

  •  Entertain customers while triggering purchase decisions
  •  Guide visitors while giving critical information
  •  Improve business image
  •  Interact and inform


  • Public venues like Malls and auditoriums
  • Entertainment venues like Cinemas
  • Retail environment like POS
  • Business centers and Receptions for Corporate Companies
  • Sports arenas and stadiums
  • Gas stations and Airports
  • Schools and Institutions
  • Clinics and Health centers
  • Restaurants
  • Banks/Financial Institutions

Why advertise with Prime Media?

  1. Relevant – the right place, at the right time: Unprecedented relevance. To be effective, your advertisement needs to be relevant. Imagine controlling when, where and in what context your target customers see your advertising message. There is a need to communicate to your consumers where they work, eat, play, shop, and spend money. Its only digital that can do that.
  2. Flexible and customizable campaigns:
    Digital advertising proudly boasts of the unique ability to offer our clients with the best customized and flexible turn-key market campaigns. Are you interested in advertising in the evening only? No problem. Interested in advertising exclusively? Great! Do you want to utilize our projection video system and external sound system, but not interested in the scrolling billboards? We can do that. Daily, weekly, monthly, annually… your wish is our command!
  3. Expertly targeted:
    We know that brand awareness plays a very important role in every successful brand. Without brand awareness and brand recognition, the brand will cease to exist. We deliver your messages directly to your target market…period!
    Our service is uniquely tailored to meet your needs…it’s that simple!
  4. Impossible to miss:
    Our colorful eye-catching motional adverts combine sight, sound, and movement which creates a truly unique and engaging advertising campaign that is impossible to miss. Furthermore, your brilliantly illuminated scrolling advertisements will turn heads and command attention everywhere.
  5. Your advertising goal is Prime Media’s mission:
    The only reason that you would ever advertise is to increase the awareness of your business to your customers. Our mission is to do everything within our power to deliver your advertising message and promote your business directly to those who matter the most – your customers.

At Prime Media we are setting a new standard in Out Of Home Advertising with the most innovative, entertaining and engaging advertising platforms in the industry. If you are looking to take your advertising to the next level, then look no further. Advertising will never be the same again with digital advertising.

Outdoor Digital Sites

Digital advertising replaces the traditional marketing tools and materials, thereby enhancing the quality of communication. Our digital advertising screens are your marketing tools through which you can use to communicate about your brand and produces.

Why Digital Outdoor Advertising?

Unmatched reach and frequency:

A minimum of ten hours per day, through morning and evening rush hour, every six seconds, an average of 86 times per hour, over 850 times per day we are displaying your message directly to thousands of your customers city-wide. With our digital screens, your advertising simply won’t take no for an answer.

The biggest bang for your advertising buck: It is unavoidable, unforgettable, and cost effective too, it’s the truth… Our digital screens will enable you to reach over 1000 of your customers, which is 100% effective as compared to other advertising mediums – the ultimate measure of overall effectiveness.

Captive audience – a marketer’s dream: Engage your audience with your advertising and they will become customers. With our digital screens, your advertising cannot be tuned out, ignored, skipped, crumpled or thrown in the trash.

Digital menus

e-Menus is our new innovation to revolutionize the way in which restaurant menus display to attract more and more customers for dining experience.

Digital Menus platform allows restaurant owners and manufactures to manage and display their products to the digital screens, engage, inform and entertain customers with exciting visual Promotions, and thus increase product awareness.

Why advertise with prime media digital menus
Prime media has strategically installed digital sign-age in fast food restaurant, shopping malls, – banking hall and public place which are considered as the vital ‘destination’ places.