Marketing and Branding

Marketing and Brand Management division, is managed by an enthusiastic, creative, and results-oriented team that takes great pride In excellent Customer Care, Client relationship Management and at the same time carrying out consistent Market research to introduce innovative concepts and ideas in the entire advertising industry.

We provide special expertise in developing media and public relations strategies that support the bottom line objective of our Clients. We integrate pro-active corporate affairs management with the establishment of a solid brand identity to cater for the needs of our Clients and their stakeholders.

Our work is based on the philosophy that; “Your reputation is what you are”. We work closely with the client to ensure that your public representation is an accurately positive statement of your actual composition. We focus on your key publics as they affect your business, and on the impact your business has on them.

Prime Media follows an integrated team approach to every project undertaken, supported by media coverage, strategic alliances, public/private event opportunities, and positive positioning of a client’s brand or organization, among our Public Relations and Media Consultancy Services.

Corporate communications

Digital Signage for Corporate Communications:

Are you able to break through the clutter and deliver important information to your employees?

Effective communication is a key factor to a company’s success, therefore digital display network can;

  • Increase employees’ engagement, morale and participation in a company’s initiatives
  • Be displayed where employees will see them – such places include; hallways, elevators, cafeterias, lobbies, even the manufacturing line
  • Reduce workplace accidents and enhance emergency preparedness
  • Share messages that reinforce brand standards and introduce products or processes
  • Be tailored so that each screen can display information which is specific to its audience
  • Communicate with employees across your entire enterprise in a truly effective way. Reach across all shifts, departments, and multiple locations anywhere in the country
  • Deliver performance metrics, company goals and breaking news to everyone in your organization, creating a culture of cooperation and shared vision or tailor the message to specific locations and groups
  • Corporate communications are particularly important in challenging economic conditions when employees are anxious to learn about the rationale behind management decisions
  • Reviewing the existing processes and flow of information both vertically and horizontally, and integrating new channels such as digital signage, is an important step in boosting employee’s engagement and productivity

Marketing and Creating

Buying and creating advertising in any media is a process reflecting hours of transactions between buyers, sellers, and creative agents.

Prime Media is a multimedia advertising company that provides a one stop shop for marketing and advertising, demographic information. Ad campaign schedule planning. Ad buys, and content development, hence reducing transaction time and costs for buyers and sellers of advertising spots.

Products & Services Prime Media’s featured product is user-friendly and provides services to meet the needs of its customers, advertising buyers and sellers.

Market & Opportunity

As one of the leading and most experienced companies with a multimedia platform and operators of Digital Advertising Displays in Uganda, Prime Media successfully reaches over Twelve million people annually.

Among our Public Relations and Media Consultancy Services, we provide:

  • Media Monitoring Services
  • Media Handling Services
  • Stakeholder & Partnership Relations
  • Public Affairs Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Management
  • Product Placement and Publicity
  • Cause Related Marketing
  • Branding/Brand Differentiation
  • Event Management Support