Roundabout Advertising

Round about advertising entails the practice of calling public attention to ones product or service through the use of different advertising platforms which are usually placed along a road junction in which traffic usually circulates around a circle.

These range from backlit boxes, billboards to scrolling signs.

Roundabout advertising is a cost effective way of reaching out to your customers while on the move. For example: The busy Nile Avenue and Yusuf Lule Road both accommodate the most important and busiest government and private sector offices and recreational infrastructural facilities and buildings, like first class Five Star Hotels, Restaurants,

Why round about A fantastic opportunity

About 40,000 people come around these round about every day. Uganda’s highways provide vital Support to various businesses and industries, and not to forget, the lives of millions of people every day. These roundabouts serve as the gateways to cities, towns, business parks. Shopping Centers, Entertainment venues and Airports. By placing your advert on a busy highway / roundabout in your area, you have a unique opportunity to engage with people while they are on the move.

You can advertise on chosen roundabouts. Adverts can differ for each exit / entrance, which is ideal to promote different offers, or to be used as a directional tool.

Some of our Existing Available sites

  • Golf Course Roundabout
  • Sheraton Roundabout
  • Nakummatt Roundabout
  • Garden City Roundabout
  • Clock Tower Roundabout
  • Speke Road Roundabout
  • Entebbe Airport Roundabout